Dolci (Desserts)

Bevande ( DRINKS)
June 3, 2017
Insalata (Salads)
June 3, 2017

Dolci (Desserts)

Cakes and cupcakes can be special ordered for your special occasion.
Please contact us to discuss what you have in mind.

Assorted Dolci Platter – $2.99  per person

Traditional Chocolate chip
Peanut Butter Cookie
Ginger Cookie
Gigante Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Gigante Oatmeal Chocolate Chip,  Gigante Chocolate Chip
Orange Shortbread with raspberry kiss
Almond Biscotti: Plain & Chocolate Dipped
Polenta Cookie
Pecan Bar
Oatmeal Cranberry Cookie
Fiortini (chocolate lace cookie gluten free)
Chocolate dipped Macaroon

Tea Breads  $3.15

Zucchini Walnut, Banana, Lemon Pound, Cranberry Orange,  Blueberry Yogurt, Pumpkin (seasonal)

Assorted mixed nuts or trail mix    $2.85

Kind Bars (Gluten Free) $2.50

Want just a snack and feel less guilty.

Tiramisu – Full Pan $36.00

Espresso soaked ladyfingers, mascarpone and rum zabaglione, chocolate shavings;
serves 10-12,  3-day notice required