Pranzo Scatola (Box Lunches)
May 31, 2017
Desserts & Drinks
May 31, 2017


Antipasti, assorted Italian cheeses, fruit platters, Italian cold cuts, traditional panini, crudités
The list of our delectable finger food feasts goes on and on.
Add an elegant and delicious Italian flavor to your next event, whether a celebration, a friendly gathering, or a formal meeting.
Rental items like tablecloths, linen napkins and silverware complete the perfect setting
for your reception catered by Palio Caffè.


Cheese Platter

Assorted Italian cheeses with crackers
$8.95 per person

Antipasti Platter

Prosciutto and melon, Salami and cheese, grilled  vegetables,

Caprese salad, and  Kalamata olives

$12.95  per person

Cheese & Fruit Platter

Assorted Italian Cheeses with Crackers and Fresh Fruit
$12.95 per person

Cold Cuts with Cheeses

Assorted Italian Cold Cuts and Cheeses with Bread and Crackers
$11.95 per person

Finger Panini

Assortment of our traditional panini served just right for finger food feast
1 paninio = 2 servings

Fresh Fruit Platter

$6.25 per person


Baked Pasta Chips with Herb Seasoning, served with pesto dip, and chipotle pesto dip $2.50


Assorted vegtables with dipping sauce
$5.95 per person

Rental Items

Table clothes, linen napkins, silverware, dishes
$5.00 per person